Vatral® Diaphan

Transparent dispersion adhesive

For bonding nonwovens, fabrics and films.

  • Fire behavior: Flame retardant according to IMO FTPC Part 5
  • Sprayable: The adhesive can be sprayed over large areas using suitable equipment
  • Ready to use: Adhesive only needs to be stirred. No need to add water

Product information

areas of application

– Bonding nonwovens to mineral wool
– Bonding of textile fabrics
on mineral wool
– Bonding of glass fiber fabrics
on mineral wool
– Bonding of smooth aluminum foils
on mineral wool
– Bonding of mesh-reinforced
Aluminum foil on mineral wool
– Bonding mineral wool to masonry, plaster, concrete, wood, metals
– Bonding mineral wool to each other


The adhesive is ready to use. Mix the bucket container thoroughly before use. The adhesive can be applied over the entire surface or selectively with a brush.
be applied. Processing can also be carried out using a doctor blade or rolling process. Vatral® Diaphan tends to flow. For curing
The adhesive must have sufficient contact with the ambient air. The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. The room temperature must not be below 10 °C during processing.
Clean the tools with water immediately after use.

technical data

  • Density approx. 1.05 g/cm³
  • Fire behavior: Flame retardant
  • pH value approx. 8 at 23 °C


Wear suitable protective gloves and safety goggles. The information in the safety data sheet must be observed. Irritant effect in contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water.

Vatral® Diaphan should be stored frost-free between 5 – 30 °C. Close opened containers tightly. Unopened containers must be returned to
appropriate storage at least Shelf life 6 months. Plastic containers (rigid PVC, PE, polyester resin) are recommended. The storage and transport temperature must not fall below 5 °C.

Packaging and container sizes

250ml Spoutbag

Bucket 10L


Product brochure

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Safety data sheet

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Techn. Data sheet

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Release WIWeB

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