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With Vatral®, HSMC has developed an innovative, freely moldable insulating material that is suitable for a wide range of different applications thanks to its open structure. Vatral® stands for very lightweight mortars with a variable fiber matrix, ceramic and nano-based inorganic hybrid binders, various mineral closed-cell micro-lightweight fillers and application-specific functional additives. Vatral® mortars are variable, smoke-proof, prevent rust and mold and have high flow resistance (low convection). This makes them suitable for renovations, economical and non-combustible.

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Complex geometries thanks to core shooting

Core shooting is a widely used manufacturing process in the foundry industry and is characterized by a number of advantages that make it a preferred method for the production of complex core shapes. HSMC has adapted this process for the production of molded parts from Vatral mortars. A major advantage is the high precision and complexity that the process enables. High-precision and complex molded parts that would be difficult to produce with other processes can be manufactured using compressed air. Another advantage is the efficiency and speed of the core shooting process. The automated process makes it possible to produce large quantities in a short time, which leads to increased productivity and lower costs per unit, especially in series production.

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