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The special adhesive:

Industry, shipbuilding, offshore, building and construction industry

For sticking mineral wool, -calcium silicate, and Vatral board insulation together with each other, on metal or with covering fabrics and tissues


Vatral® 200

a versatile silicate adhesive is. Mineral additions give a high resistance to heat to Vatral® 200. The adhesive is useable for temperatures up to 1250 °C also at repeating cooling’s.


Fire protection adhesive hardens both physical by water removal and by reaction with air carbonic acid.


do not tend to flow and form a top flat film already after approx. 4 minutes. (Recommended process time until 15 minutes when using tooth spatulas)


a one component ready for use adhesive is.


Your advantages

  • Not combustible (euro class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1)
  • shipbuilding admittance in accordance with IMO FTPC part 1
  • High resistance to heat
  • Equipped hydrophobically.
    Modern age silicone resin providing a reduced absorption of water.
  • No offensive smell
  • Slight processing
  • High adhesive strength
  • Due to the fire examination of one’s own no restriction in the order quantity and thickness at composite units

Application examples

  • Board insulations stick together from mineral wool on metallic sub-reasons
  • Facing of mineral wool Board insulations with fleeces, covering fabrics or cloths
  • Of mineral wool Board insulations stick together with each other without restriction of the application amount or thickness!
  • Fixing of isolating mattresses, special for vibrating machines
  • Glueing of mineral and ceramic fibre isolation material in the high temperature range


  • Vatral® 200 is an adhesive ready for use. Mixing briefly before the processing.
  • The adhesion should be carried out within 15 minutes. Longer process times must be tested in advance.
  • Vatral® 200 hardens by drying and reaction with CO2 from the air. A sufficient contact to the surrounding air has to be ensured to the tempering and re-evaporation.
  • The areas to be stuck together must be dry, dust and fat free. Sharpening lacquered or coated areas if necessary. The room temperature mustn’t be during the processing less than 10 °C.
  • On a sandy underground we recommend painted a first with Vatral® L 200B/30.
  • The tools must be immediately cleaned with water after use.
  • The processing can be carried out either with conventional spatula, particularly toothed spatula, or with a squeegee or a roller system.
  • For the industrial processing the viscosity can be adapted by Vatral® 200 at squeegee, rollers and spraying order systems.

Further notes

Suitable protective gloves and safety goggles carry. Pay attention to the details in the safety data sheet.

Irritancy at touch with the eyes and the skin. Washing up with water thoroughly at touch with the eyes or the skin.