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Discover the Vatral® SP system and protect fire extinguishing lines with little space!

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Innovative technologies allow us a high degree of flexibility

Universal and special are no contradiction for us

We are passionate about passive fire protection

We meet the challenges of fire protection

“The gaps must be filled” – a simple but difficult to implement requirement in thermal insulation and fire protection and the starting point for the development of Vatral insulation and fire protection mortars.

Whether in the air, on the water or on the ground – Vatral® mortars enable new, more effective solutions for fire protection and the insulation of industrial plants, ships or building construction.

We meet the challenges of fire protection and thermal insulation with new innovative products and constructive solutions. Vatral® mortars and their molded parts can be used to create load-bearing insulation that is free of thermal bridges, making it possible to achieve low insulation thicknesses even in areas that are difficult to insulate.

Our own laboratories and cooperation with universities and colleges enable us to support you in your tasks with new solutions.

“The potential for optimizing insulation for industrial systems was and is far from exhausted.”

Reiner Angenendt, founder

Unique thermal insulation thanks to the glass sphere matrix

VATRAL® mortars are lightweight mortars consisting of a fiber matrix, ceramic and nano-based, inorganic hybrid binders and mineral micro-lightweight fillers. The mortar complies with legal requirements and can withstand temperatures of up to approx. 1100 degrees Celsius, depending on its composition.

Because real innovation must be sustainable

In today’s world, sustainability is a key issue that affects both private individuals and companies alike. The building materials we use play a particularly important role here. Insulation materials with a Material Health Certificate are an excellent example of sustainable building materials that not only make our buildings more efficient, but also protect the health of the occupants and the environment.

What is a Material Health Certificate?

A Material Health Certificate (MHC) is a certificate that confirms the health and ecological properties of a product. It is awarded according to strict criteria and takes into account the entire supply chain of a product – from the extraction of raw materials to production and disposal. The aim is to promote products that are free from harmful substances and have a positive environmental balance.


The Cradle2Cradle Material Health certification gives us the certainty that there is no health risk to our employees in the manufacture of our products.

We are researching today for a safe tomorrow

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